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The IDEF Registry: An Invaluable Resource For Protecting Children’s Privacy Online

By Denise Tayloe, IDESG Privacy & Civil Liberties Delegate; PRIVO, Co-Founder & CEO

As the digital world continues to grow and improve, so must protections for the Internet’s most vulnerable users – our children. This is why PRIVO considers it critically important to work with the IDESG to create in the Identity Ecosystem Framework (IDEF) a digital trust framework that is compliant with existing US and EU online children’s privacy laws. Using the IDEF as a foundation, PRIVO is looking forward to working with the IDESG to create additional baseline requirements geared specifically toward identity credential providers seeking compliance with these critical laws and regulations. The work we accomplish with the IDESG to protect children also can be extendable across other digital verticals, such as education and health care, that are particularly relevant to kids’ online lives. 

While there is an entire market of trust frameworks and digital standards registries available to companies that interact with people’s identities online, we chose to align with the IDEF because it is based on the same strong NSTIC values as PRIVO’s Minor’s Trust Framework. In joining the community of IDEF registrants, PRIVO has signaled to the world that our policies and practices are plug-and-play with all of the other registrants who are similarly compliant. In other words, this is our report card on just how well we play with others. 

By becoming one of the first frameworks to attest to the free IDEF Registry, PRIVO is publicly demonstrating that our solutions adhere to the best available methods for online privacy, security, usability and interoperability. And, through listing, we improve our ability to communicate PRIVO’s unique value to our clients that operate in the digital identity and consent management space: PRIVO is a champion of strong digital credentials. This way, our clients may instill similar confidence in parents, educators, doctors and other kid-conscious users, that safeguarding kid’s privacy is their top priority, and that they are actively engaged in meaningful discussions around how to best do so.

The contagious confidence created by the IDEF Registry is why I consider it to be one of the best resources in which PRIVO has invested, to date. Each and every one of us deserve to know that those with whom we’ve entrusted our personal information online take this responsibility seriously, and are willing to invest the necessary time and resources to protect our most precious resource: our kids.

Not sure where to begin? Check out the IDEF Registry self-attestation for the new PRIVO iD SaaS Platform here. We encourage others to list their products and services on the IDEF Registry; it’s as easy as child’s play.