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Steve Mednick, Private Law Firm Attorney

Steve Mednick, Private Law Firm Attorney

IDESG Ombudsman

Steve Mednick has been IDESG Ombudsman since its inception. In that role Steve is responsible for (1) reviewing the activities of the Officers and bodies of the IDESG to assure the actions and decisions that uphold the IDESG Guiding Principles and the Governance Documents; (2) ensuring that the interests of consumers or other individuals and underrepresented groups are represented and advocated; (3) safeguarding against individual Officers, Members or IDESG stakeholders exerting excessive influence; (4) implementing, managing, investigating and fact-finding grievances and complaints from the Members; (5) facilitating public comment and citizen outreach; and, (5) making recommendations to the Board of Directors and Plenary, as appropriate in order to assist in the resolution, mitigation, and prevention of issues and complaints.

Steve practices law in the State of Connecticut where he represents government, non-profit institutional and individual clients. His experience in government law covers the gambit of issues from major technology transactions to contract negotiation, from specialized construction litigation to the analysis of government systems and advising on alternate structures of governance. He has more recently been involved in the negotiation of two major entertainment/economic development projects.

As a charter member, two-term Director, three-term president and long-time General Counsel Steve played a pivotal leadership role for the IJIS Institute ("IJIS" or "Institute") for almost 14 years. Like IDESG, IJIS is a not for profit organization formed under the auspices of the Department of Justice and considered a national leader on information sharing technology initiatives in the world of public safety, integrated justice and homeland security.

In addition to his busy practice, Mednick is a musician and songwriter who is completing his 14th CD of original songs.