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By Mark DiFraia, IDESG Secretary and At-Large Delegate

Whether in team sports, business or any other journey of purpose, you can’t underestimate the value of momentum. It sure is hard to beat a team that is “peaking at the right time” or “riding a hot hand” and, with the Identity Ecosystem Steering Group (IDESG) fresh out of its most recent virtual plenary meeting, I can’t help but feel that our organization has the wind at its back. Our positive momentum well-positions the Identity Ecosystem Framework (IDEF) to win the favor of government agencies, companies and individuals, as they adopt the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (NSTIC) Guiding Principles and search for a guide-post of how to best care for identities online.

Our vote to approve new Bylaws and Charter represents a key win in our lengthy period of consistent drive and change – the value of which is underscored by our ongoing growth. We already have some of the best minds in the business, baseline assets and a clear purpose, but now we have the missing link: an organizational architecture that will usher in our next critical phase of development. Now our team can take full advantage of a fresh, agile and efficient work system, to deliver on an ambitious set of goals and work products. After a year loaded with huge challenges that we confronted head-on, IDESG is shining and ready to take its critical next step as a leader in the online identity management field.

My decision to engage with IDESG at a leadership level last year was driven by my sincere desire to help the organization realize NSTIC’s revolutionary vision for activating secure identity management practices across the online community. Our streamlined organizational design and updated value proposition, along with anticipated revisions to the IDEF and the forthcoming release of our self-attested listing service, mark a new IDESG brand – an “IDESG 2.0” that is carving an essential path forward for managing identity online. I hope my confidence in these recent changes and excitement for what’s next indicate IDESG’s commitment to amplifying our groundbreaking efforts – and spotlighting our positive mark on the world.

I trust the leaders who have stepped forward to play key roles during this period of significant growth, and I feel we are all united by the common goal to drive this organization forward. This year promises to be one of action, leadership and accomplishment, demonstrated by the infusion of new teammates and members. To our existing members: Thank you for your ongoing tenacity and dedication to making a lasting difference, and to those of you who have yet to get involved: I welcome you to join our team and ride the momentum we’ve created.