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Engaging with the Identity Community

By Kim Little Sutherland, IDESG Plenary Chair

As an organization, the IDESG is revving up our efforts in engaging with others in the identity community. In December, IDESG members participated in a “Power Breakfast” at the Gartner Identity & Access Management Summit in Las Vegas. The panel discussed how IDESG is helping healthcare organizations to deal not only with general privacy and security concerns around digital identity, but also with issues of patient privacy, patient matching and compliance with state and federal requirements - especially HIPAA. Leadership participants included Sal D’Agostino, IDESG President, and Matt Thompson, IDESG Management Council Chair. They were joined by Tim MacKay of Kaiser Permanente and Healthcare Strategy Consultant Paul Brian Contino. As a leader in the quest for stronger identity credentials, it’s our responsibility to be driving conversations around the topic, engaging in discussions with others in the Identity Ecosystem. To this end, you’ll see more of us out and about in the community in 2016. Until then, enjoy the holidays and best wishes for the New Year.