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Changing the Conversation in 2016

By Marc-Anthony Signorino, IDESG Executive Director


As we begin 2016, there is no other way to describe the past year than as a watershed for the IDESG. Our delivery and approval of the Identity Ecosystem Framework (IDEF) and the coming rollout of the IDEF Self-Assessment Listing Service (SALS) creates a solid foundation for the future of trusted identities. In addition to the product release, we’ve also grown as an organization. The hire of an executive director, the investment in a professional marketing resource, the re-focus on our core mission with the publication of the IDESG Strategic Plan 2.0, and the vision of a solid leadership team have driven the IDESG forward and created a new organization, one that is poised to take the lead in the identity ecosystem.

Our organization continues to mature. At next month’s Plenary, we’ll introduce the latest version of our Strategic Plan and vote on changes to the by-laws that guide our organization. The success of the Plenary, indeed the success of the entire organization, is dependent on the contributions of our members. To that end, we will be expanding our outreach efforts into the community in 2016. Efforts to grow our membership roles and your involvement will take center stage.

The year ahead will have challenges of its own. Data breaches will continue as will the ongoing threat to digital identities, but our hope is to change the conversation and engage new and invested voices in our quest to secure the future of trusted identity. Our goals are lofty, but they are within reach. I thank you for your ongoing support and look forward to a healthy and productive 2016.