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Exciting things are happening this weekend within IDESG, Inc.

By Kimberly Little Sutherland, IDESG, Treasurer & Plenary Chair
and Mary Ellen Condon, IDESG, Executive Director

As you know, this summer we applied for a grant from NIST to support the continued efforts by the IDESG membership to facilitate identity interoperability among industry solutions.

IDESG, Inc. also sought proposals to provide infrastructure and administrative support services. The contract was awarded earlier this month to Global Inventures (Inventures). We will be transitioning from our incumbent Trusted Federal Systems to Inventures this weekend. Initially there will be no change to the IDESG website and online tools. Management and hosting of the site will be transferred to Inventures end of business day Friday. Post the Plenary, we will be working to update/revise the look and feel of the website/tools we use to enhance their accessibility and usability.

Beginning Monday August 25th, Inventures will be providing administrative/secretariat support for the Plenary and Committee meetings. There will be no change to existing phone conference numbers. New webex conference lines will be established and updated meeting notices will be sent to reflect new webex access information. Inventures staff will participate in each committee call to introduce themselves and understand specific support needs.

As of Monday August 25th, the email address for any Help Desk support required is: (link sends e-mail). Existing contact email addresses on the IDESG website will be routed to this new Help Desk address.

IDESG Leadership appreciates your on going support of the IDESG goals and your patience during the transition to our new partner, Inventures.

Looking forward to seeing you and working with you at our September 17-19th Plenary in Tampa Florida.