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The Case for the C-Suite: Investing in the IDESG’s start-up moment

By Marc-Anthony Signorino, Executive Director of the IDESG

In my job, I get to talk to lots of C-Suite executives about identity management, and they all tell me the same thing: identity is tough. It’s tough to understand, it’s tough to implement and it’s tough to get right. Because they appreciate that, it’s no surprise they’re the ones rolling up their sleeves to help us develop the Identity Ecosystem Framework (IDEF). They see getting in on the ground floor of IDESG as not only an investment in their own company’s future, but also one that will pay dividends as other organizations realize they need to participate as well. It’s simple economics: network effects exponentially increases the value of the IDEF as other organizations join the IDESG and implement the Framework.

At the June Plenary, the IDESG delivered a key milestone in the development of the IDEF, the Baseline Functional Requirements. These are the rules of the road for how the identity ecosystem will operate, from privacy and security rules to ways to enhance user experience, and the requirements for ensuring interoperability. The baseline functional requirements were developed by the identity professionals and executives whose organizations will be adopting and implementing the Framework in the future. When you think about it: that might be one of the best reasons to get involved early – you not only get to help set up the rules of the road, but you get to help determine where the road ultimately goes.

What impresses me most about the IDESG’s membership is that they treat it as an ‘all hands on deck’ operation. Each organization brings not only its most experienced members to the table, but many of their key ID management partners as well, in order to help build a better Framework. This way of doing business will result in a way of handling identity that strengthens businesses, governments, and individuals alike. By adhering to the principles laid out the in the IDEF and encouraging others to join, each implementing organization puts themselves at a distinct – and increasingly – competitive market advantage, especially as the demand for privacy and security explodes in light of all the recent data breaches.

The IDESG’s work product is guidance to businesses and governments alike, with their ultimate beneficiary being consumers. Our members’ expertise is giving direction on creating strong identities, developing solid practices in handling, storing, and using those identities, and doing it all in a manner that’s both cost-effective for the company and frictionless for the consumer. It’s a win-win-win for all parties involved. But, to ensure that we continue to bring value to all parties, we need input from those who know and understand their markets best. And now is the time as we create even more critical elements of the IDEF.

Participation in our committee meetings is not only welcome, but also encouraged. Increasing the diversity of new IDESG members in industry and outreach can only strengthen the Framework we put forth for more entities to utilize. We’re currently planning our 15th Plenary Meeting in conjunction with the Global Identity Summit in Tampa, Florida. We’re looking forward to seeing familiar faces, and meeting some new ones.

Encourage your business partners to join the IDESG today, because everyone deserves a chance to get in on the ground floor.

See you in Tampa,